Edoardo R. Barbieri

Edoardo Roberto Barbieri was born in Milan, the 11th of February 1961.

He got his University degree and PhD at the Catholic University of Milan, where he is afterwards become Assistant Professor in Italian Philology. In July 2001 he got first class qualification in Bibliography and librarianship (M/STO-08) at the University of Parma. From the first of November of the same year, he became extraordinary, then ordinary, (full) professor at the University of Sassari. From the first of November 2005 he come at the Catholic University of Brescia (with courses also at the seat of Milan).

He teachs History of the Book and Publishing, Bibliology, History and forms of Writing. He is Director of two Masters: Professione editoria (Working in Publishing) and Booktelling.

He has been scholarship holder at the University of Leuven (Belgium) for a long time (1986-87 and 1993), as well as visiting professor at the same Universiity and at the Pazmany Peter University of Budapest (Hungary), at the Humanistic University of Moscow (Russia), at the Catholic University of Slovakia in Ruzomberok, at the ENSSIB in Lyon (France) and at the Palacky University in Olomouc (Czech Republic). He took part as speaker in many national and international conferences, and he gave several lectures on book history and the transmission of texts in Italian and foreign universities and cultural institutes.

He is director of several editorial series: «Biblioteca di Bibliografia» (Florence, Olschky), «Humanae litterae» (Milan, CUSL), «Minima bibliographica» (Milan, CRELEB-CUSL), «Anecdota veneta» (Venice, Marcianum Press, now closed), and member of scientific Committee of «Libri e biblioteche» (Udine, Forum) and «Scrittori sardi» (Cagliari, CUEC). He is also the director of «La Bibliofilia» (oldest international journal on the topic – Florence, Olschky) and of «L’almanacco bibliografico» (Milan, CRELEB-CUSL). He is member of editorial bord of other scientific journals: «Ecdotica» (a journal of philology ofprinted texts – Bologna), «Archivum mentis» (Olschki), «Dante e l’arte» (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), «Magyar Konyvszemle» (Budapest) and «Histoire et civilisation du livre» (Genève, Droz).

He was member of the Consiglio Superiore dei Beni culturali e Paesaggistici (Higher council of cultural and landscape goods) and director of the Doctoral School in Bibliography, University of Udine.

He is head of the Centro di Ricerca Europeo Libro Editoria Biblioteca (CRELEB) of the Catholic University.

He is associated of the Accademia degli Agiati in Rovereto and of Accademia San Carlo of Milan.

He is international responsabile, on behalf of the CRELEB and of the ong ATS pro Terra Sancta, of the project «Libri ponti di pace», which aims to enhancing franciscan libraries in Jerusalem and in Holy Land.

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